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For example, regular patrons of restaurants and small neighborhood retail shops and tailoring shops often receive special treatment in return for their patronage. The EDSA revolution established a framework of constitutional democracy and civil rights, but deep social and political divisions have persisted alongside problems of inefficiency and corruption in government.

It is a government owned and controlled corporation first established in by Presidential Decree and entered itself in a contract with Philippine Casino Operators Corporation PCOC in operating the floating casino in the Manila Bay in This pulled down the operational status of the branch.

Everyone was impressed by the chandeliers that hang over the main gaming area, the colorful mini bulbs that twinkled on the outer panels of the ceiling and the congregations of angels that adorned the mini domes above the gaming tables.

The said corporation has done a project in cooperation with the Department of Education DepED allocating a fund of Php 1 billion for the construction of 1, classrooms nationwide.

Below is an interesting and informative essay on understanding our Filipino value system, written just a few years after the Marcos downfall, by the late Fr. A Filipino experiences family closeness and solidarity pagpapahalaga sa pamilyapoliteness use of po or hohospitality tuloy po kayogratitude utang na loob from "within", that is, subjectively and emotionally, unlike a non-Filipino observer, social scientist, or psychologist who studies Filipino values objectively from "without" or "from a distance".

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Have the mentors themselves sold out. Moreover, such gifts initiate a long-term reciprocal interdependency in which the grantor of the favor can expect help from the debtor whenever the need arises and the debtor can, in turn, ask other favors. A cornerstone of good governance is adherence to the rule of law, that is, the impersonal and impartial application of stable and predictable laws, statutes, rules, and regulations, without regard for social status or political considerations.

Many counted among their social acquaintances a number of rich and influential foreigners, especially Americans, Spaniards, and other Europeans. As such it may be the root cause of national apathy walang pakialam and collective paralysis of action bakit pa kikilos to solve both local and national problems.

How to Write a Summary of an Article. The difference lies in the way these elements are ranked, combined or emphasized so that they take on a distinctively Filipino slant or cast.

These relationships often evolve into ritual kinship ties, as the tenant or worker may ask the landlord to be a child's godparent. Value-ranking or the priority of values is not merely arbitrary or subjective. The battle cry now from the top caliber businessmen operating in the Philippines and to inspire others to follow suit to Corporate Social Responsibility to wit: Now that we have regained our democratic form of government once again and have arrived at a privileged historical kairos, how do we transform Filipino values to build a more "just and humane society" Preamble, Constitution.

This post actually touches the issue of culture, i. The Greek ideal of moderation or meden agan, the Roman in medio stat virtus, the Confucian and Buddhist "doctrine of the Middle", find their Filipino equivalent in hindi labis, hindi kulang, katamtaman lamang.

Due to scandals including child labour, poor working conditions and neglect of safety and health regulations, companies worldwide have been forced to revaluate their moral and ethical standards.

Manalastas Director Enriquito M. No society will long endure unless there is justice; that is, unless a system of reward and punishment exists and is effective. An extensive marketing strategy was launched extending as far as Baguio City to invite players to Laoag.

To show the ambivalence of Filipino values, one example will suffice. Thus, there… Company Q Social Responsibility Company Q Social Responsibility Social responsibility is often viewed as an inconvenience that cuts into shareholder profits. Comments sent by email will also be posted verbatim.

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Tourist dollars are also coming into the country together with these visitors from different places. Philippine respect for authority is based on the special honor paid to elder members of the family and, by extension, to anyone in a position of power. Values are both subjective and objective.

We must also take into account the ambiguity of any religious commitment, which is not something made once and for all, but a life-long process which demands constant conversion and renewal. Vision We will captivate our customers with a world-class gaming and entertainment experience, improved infrastructure, more competitive facilities, and a highly professionalized manpower; We will showcase to the world the exceptional Filipino way of serving customers; We will be a pillar for national progress by instilling integrity as the backbone of our regulatory duties, investing in the education of Filipinos, and promoting Philippine tourism, culture and arts.

Such reciprocal personal alliances have had obvious implications for the society in general and the political system in particular. These may be formed between tenant farmers and their landlords or between any patron who provides resources and influence in return for the client's personal services and general support.

Social organization generally follows a single pattern, although variations do occur, reflecting the influence of local traditions. CSR is today understood to go beyond corporate communication or public relations — as it has been traditionally observed — and companies are now expected to promote CSR as the holistic or comprehensive approach to their business operations.

The warden from holes descriptive essay The warden from holes descriptive essay. These weekend flights brought in players who were ready to wager in US Dollars. They tended to place great value on higher education, and most had a college degree. Environment PAGCOR takes its corporate social responsibility to another level as it goes green and supports projects about environmental protection.

Corporate Social Responsibility Today doing business is no longer a matter of creating the best products or making the most profit, it has developed to a matter of how. Even public utility drivers who failed to follow non-smoking signs and install trash bins inside their vehicles should receive citation tickets.

That is why values are something to be realized. The truth is that Filipino values are ambivalent in the sense that they are a potential for good or evil, a help or hindrance to personal and national development, depending on how they are understood, practiced or lived.

A special place is devoted to social-responsibility essays, as the term social "responsibility" is quite diverse. Its existence is conditioned by the state's policy, and reflects its interaction with society.

It is impossible to live in a society and be free from the state and its laws. Philippine Social Responsibility Essay Sample.

Pagcor-Corporate Social Responsibility

Good governance sets the normative standards of development. It fosters participation, ensures transparency, demands accountability, promotes efficiency, and upholds the rule of law in economic, political and administrative institutions and processes.

Religious responsibility, for example, is familial rather than church-centered.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Philippines

Each home has a family shrine. The influence of the family upon economic and entrepreneurial business activities is also great. The Social and Political Issues of World War Two Essay Words | 10 Pages.

In unit three of Nation of Nations, there were many social/cultural and political issues that affected the Jews in Germany and the Japanese in America. Philippine Social Responsibility Essay Sample. Good governance sets the normative standards of development.

Philippine Social Responsibility Essay Sample

It fosters participation, ensures transparency, demands accountability, promotes efficiency, and upholds the rule of law in economic, political and administrative institutions and processes.

The Social and Political Issues of World War Two Essay Words | 10 Pages In unit three of Nation of Nations, there were many social/cultural and political issues that affected the Jews in Germany and the Japanese in America.

Philippine social responsibility essay
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